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Uplevl for Document Management

Uplevl provides a robust document management solution. With a cloud platform, comprehensive features, and unlimited storage, Uplevl is the premiere solution for document management for businesses.

Core Document Management Features

Version Control

Track versions and revisions. Easily toggle between versions and be confident you are working with the latest copy of a document.

Check In and Check Out

Know when a colleague is working on the same document and alert others with a simple “check out.” Prevent the overlap and duplication of efforts.


Highlight, comment, stamp, or strike out text right from the document viewer.

Microsoft Office Integration

Work in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint and easily download the latest version and upload your changes without leaving the Microsoft Office product.

Workflow Routing

Flexible workflow capabilities automatically route documents for review and approval based on pre-set rules.


Easily find documents based on any number of search parameters including content, attributes, stage in workflow, or date uploaded.

Why Choose Uplevl for Document Management?

Secure Cloud-based Platform

With Uplevl, your documents and workflows are in the cloud on our secure, Amazon-hosted web service. Easily access your documents at any time through your PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Integrate with Your Business Applications

Enhance your accounting, ERP, HR, and other business applications. Uplevl moves data between the platform and your applications, eliminating dual data entry and improving productivity.

Real-time Business Intelligence

Measure and track your business processes in real-time. Identify trends and opportunities for improvement through visualization tools.

Affordable & Quick ROI

Low-priced monthly, quarterly and annual pricing plans. Fast implementation and effective automation of manual data entry and other manual ad hoc processes.

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Cloud document management saves you time and money.